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Rex A Knight is a successful author and historical researcher. In the 1990s, He became a successful freelance historical writer, writing numerous feature articles for World War II magazine (Empire Press/Cowles Magazines and later Prime Media). In 1999, he self-published (Tichenor Publishing) in hardback a complete history of the United States destroyer USS LANG, entitled RIDING ON LUCK, The Saga of the USS LANG DD-399. This book was successful enough to be picked up by Hellgate Press for publication in soft cover in 2001. Later that year, he was allowed membership into the Author’s Guild, where he maintains active membership. He is a certified PADI advanced scuba diver, and has enjoyed many fascinating shipwreck dives, to have even spent time diving with legendary treasure diver, Bob "Frogfoot" Weller. His research and collection of Pearl Harbor (December 7, 1941) artifacts is among the most important in private hands and has been hosted in exhibitions in a number of important museum venues. His educational background is in Sociology, having an Associate’s Degree through Vincennes University (Vincennes, IN) in Sociology for Community/Economic Development, wherein he became a technical writer and regional planner overseeing five counties in the state of Indiana. He is now retired and enjoying a return to his roots as a historical researcher and writer. He continues his historical research, with plans for additional historical biographies in the future. He has also ventured into a fictional work for young adults, a story about a search for treasure entitled SACRED GROUND (Covenant Books, 2024). Knight lives in rural Southern Indiana.